Willow Springs western ranch orientation trail on horseback

Evading the Indians


The visiting cowboys have only just prepared their horses when disaster strikes ... their herd, along with the covered wagon, started off on a stampede!! The cowboys will have to start looking!!!  On top of that, behind every corner a Native American, eager to get your scalp, can hide; rivers can be slightly too wide or too deep ...

Fortunately Willow Springs can also help with this. Armed with map and compass, guided by our own scout, our cowboys leave on trail; cowboys whose horse is also lost in the stampede, can use one of our horses.













As they go our brave riders, of course, will have to escape from the Native Americans, use a "travois" in a different way, shoot a bow, find their way and, at noon, prepare their own soup, hamburger and coffee over an open fire, ... .. in order to, eventually, let’s hope, return to the way station; our cowboys learn, in fact, the necessary skills to recuperate their lost herd in order to continue their work. as a cowboy.

In the way station, our scout’s report will tell us which cowboy has the most survival skills; he/she will receive a souvenir.