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Willow Springs western ranch guided tours on horseback

As already mentioned elsewhere on this site,

Cherain and its surroundings are thé place to be to relax, to enjoy and explore.

The vastness of the territory in combination with a substantial amount of "green", offers a wide variety of landscapes.

In other words, it's the ideal location to explore from the back of a horse.


For any group of 2 to 6 experienced riders,

we can organize a tailor-made exploration, adapted to your level of horsemanship and accompanied by experienced guides.


Hungry after the ride? No problem, our cookie will take care of your stomach.

We offer this palette of possibilities in old time western style at very affordable rates.


You don't own a horse? No problem; one of our four legged friends will gladly accompany you during your "expedition".


Take a look on our tariff page and find out more about some "standard" packages.


Together with you, we can also, assemble other packages

(multi day tours, tours with barbecue afterwards, "cowboy tests",...)

Guided tour on horseback 2 hours

Guided tour on horseback 2 hours

A 2 hours tour upon preliminary appointment only and for riders who master the three gaits

Guided tour on horseback 3 hours

Guided tour on horseback 3 hours

Guided tour of three hours, according to the ridingg calendar or upon preliminary appointment; obviously only for riders who master the three gaits



At only 400 meters from Willow Springs Way Station, we pass through the first river



If we're lucky, we might run into one of these guys.

Two days on horseback

Two days on horseback

Willow Springs western ranch lets you really become one with your horse during the two-day hikes.

Some general agreements:


- Tours only take place upon preliminary agreement and always start at Willow Springs Way Station.

- We kindly ask the participants to be present 30 minutes before the agreed upon time; latecomers shorten the duration of the tour.

- Upon reservation, we kindly ask you to pay a 50% per person advance.In case of bad weather, participants have the right,however, to postpone their guided tour to one of the two mutually agreed upon alternative dates.

- Postponing a guided tour can be done only once; afterwards the agreement with Willow Springs stops and 50% of the advance is kept to cover their costs.

-The horses, provided by Willow Springs, are well-trained, western-rigged riding horses.

- We limit the maximum weight of the rider to 90 kg.

- Minimum age of the rider: 12 years

- Before departure, the guides determine the level of the riders on the basis of a conversation. This should allow us to make the ride enjoyable for everyone without exposing the less experienced participant to unnecessary danger. Being able to pick up a horse from the pasture, getting it ready, mastering the three gaits (walk, trot and canter), being able to stop and steer a horse individually and being able to put a horse back in the pasture, however, are absolute minimum requirements to make the trip enjoyable.

- We try to keep all aspects of our concept as closely to the "old time western" spirit as possible. That's why:we kindly ask participants to shut their cell phones down and take their watches off.

- We consider any group of participants to be a ranch crew with one boss, the trail boss.The trail boss decides who rides were and is responsible for everyone's security and well being.The trail boss may be assisted by the top hand.

- We use iron cups and plates for drinks and food on picknicks during the ride.

- Before and during the guided tour, we stay away from alcohol

- The guide carries a first-aid kit and "spare parts" for the saddles and headstalls.

- If a participant leaves his place in the group without the authorization of the trail boss or the top hand, this could endanger the rest op the group. Therefore, participants should be aware of the fact that such a warning is given only once; the second time, the trail boss immediately calls in the trailer and the tour ends for that particular participant, without any possible refund.



We strongly advise the participants to:


- wear clothing with long sleeves (branches and thorns)

- take along protective clothing should it rain (preferably clothing "below the knee")

- wear a hat or a cap

- Our guided tour are open to participants as off age 12.

- The horses provided by Willow Springs are all covered by a third party civil liability insurance.

- Willow Springs assumes that   the participants  have a personal accident cover that allows horse riding as a hobby.

-And last but not least, our guides have full respect for the treasures of nature; that's why they will never leave the already extensive road  nettwork, nor will they harm plants or animals.


Eager to get started? No problem...The Willow Spings crew will gladly introduce you to the "wild west"

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