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In March 2005, we reached our goal...the building was ready and we were ready.

Very soon however, people from the ‘outside world’ grew so interested in our concept, that ,already in 2007,

we reached the limits of our possibilities in Lommel. This left us with two options: either we would have to disappoint a lot of people

or we would have to move to a better place. After a lot of searching and comparing, we fell in love with Cherain

and we decided to move with all we had to this new place…to start all over again, only bigger and better



So, once again, we are ready to prove to you that "the old days and ways" weren't that bad.

In our proving this, we go to extremes... if you like, we serve coffee in iron cups and sandwiches on iron plates.

Any reference to modern times we will "misunderstand"...So...welcome to 1862.

After a few stints in a number of clubs, it became quite obvious that the combination of working

with horses and old time was not an easy one. 

The only solution: create a club in which building a respectful relationship with horses (and all animals in general)

on the one hand and creating an "easygoing", relaxing environment on the other hand, harmonize.

The initiators of Willow Springs have been working with horses for quite some time.

In the meantime their interest in the history of the colonization of the United States during the period 1860 - 1890,

and most of al the role and fate of the American Indians in it, grew steadily

Very soon, we discovered that developing a club without having a building is very difficult in a country like Belgium, where the climate is very unstable. That's why we decided in October 2003 to take the necessary steps to erect a suitable building.

This should enable even more people to get to know our "hobby" and enjoy the unique atmosphere

only our grandparents knew, without any modern spoils.

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