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Willow Springs western ranch facilities

Just like a “real old time” way station, Willow Springs Way Station offers a wide range of additional facilities for visitors.



For the horses

Visiting riders and or coach-drivers can put their horses in one of the 12 stables (under video surveillance )

for any period up to three weeks.

You may even choose to have you horse enjoy the meadow.

Riders or coach-drivers ‘just passing through’, can use our spacious hitch racks and give their four legged

partner his well deserved rest.

Don’t forget that the free “horse bar” is always open

‘Iron horses’ (bicycle, mountainbike or bike)


can spend the night in an enclosed and locked space (under video surveillance ).


- 5 spacious rooms with separate bathroom, WIFI, TV,…

- Terrace

- On site activities : horsebackriding, carriage and covered wagon rides, cowboygames, line dance,…

- Activities in the neighborhood: ski, canoeing, 33 trails, 5 ATB trails, outdoor,…

- « Saloon » with « westernflavored » meals

- Breakfast baskets ans picknick

- Free parking

- Shuttle (surcharge)

- Non-smoking rooms

- Languages: English , Dutch , French , German.

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